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Overview: Advanced Visible Controls

42. acLabel - lets you to create eye-catching captions for your application. This is improved label control which able to show the shadow and highlight effects, twinkle captions, and change the appearance when the mouse hovers or clicks the label.

43. acURLLabel - the text label used to redirect user to the Web page, or to compose email message to specified recipient, when user clicks this label.

44. acRichLabel - the label which able to show the rich text. Some words or characters can be bold, italic or underlined, and you can specify the custom colors for various parts of text. At design-time you can edit the rich text using WYSIWYG editor for Caption property.
The rich text used in this controls is not standard RTF or HTML, however it supports kind of tags, which also used in the context-sensitive help of the acFormHelp component.

45. acCheckBox - improved TCheckBox, which supports multi-line captions and able to have non-3D (flat) border for the checkbox. Contains all needed properties for flexible adjustment of multi-line text within client area of control and alignment within its container.

46. acRadioButton - improved TRadioButton, which supports multi-line captions and able to have non-3D (flat) border for the radio button. Contains all needed properties for flexible adjustment of multi-line text within client area of control and alignment within its container.

47. acCheckGroupBox - easy way to implement to your forms a group box with a checkbox instead of usual caption. When the checkbox is checked, all controls within a group box is enabled. When user uncheck the checkbox, all controls within a group became automatically disabled.

48. acSplitterPanel - special panel designed to split itself into two areas, or panes, either horizontally or vertically. Each pane can be easily customized with number of properties (i.e: you can specify minimal size for pane, specify the splitter behavior and appearence, make the panes to be resized proportionally when user resize the window etc). The acSplitterPanels can be nested to create multi-paned splitter regions. Also, it can automatically save and restore the splitter position from the registry.

49. acHeaderPanel - implements the functionallity of the header panel which you probably seen in the MS-Outlook or MSN Messenger.

50. acPicturePanel - hightly customizeable panel with caption and icon near the panel contents. This sort of panels very commonly used in the Microsoft-style dialogs. See the screenshot and detailed description inside.

51. acLinksPanel - panel with links (labels) and the small icons at the left of labels. You can specify the font and image for each label and hook the event when user clicks the particular label.

52. acDragPanel - panel which lets user to move and dock the owner form dragging the panel that covers this form; or simply move the panel within its container. Works either with normal or MDI forms. The DragPanel is great addition to acAppBar.

53. acButton - improved TButton, which supports multi-line caption and can be aligned within its container.

54. acBitBtn - improved TBitBtn (button with the bitmap glyph), which supports multi-line captions, custom background colors and can be aligned within its container.

55. acButtonsPanel - is an easy and elegant way to put standard buttons (like OK, Cancel, Apply, Help or some custom buttons) to your dialog forms. Supports vertical and horizontal buttons (TacBitBtn's), can show the button glyphs, the divider between buttons and the dialog contents and even size grip at the bottom-right corner.

56. acEdit - enhanced TEdit control. Can align the text by center or right edge control, able to have custom button with bitmap image, can automatically validate entered characters and disallow to type some unwanted letters.

57. acNumberEdit - enhanced edit control used for input of the numerical values in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format. It can align the text by center or right edge control and able to have the button with bitmap image, at the right side of edit-control.

58. acIPEdit - control for editing the IP addresses. This is 100% native VCL component and contains a little bit more features than ActiveX "IPAddress".

59. acComboDatePicker - is the panel with group of 3 combo-boxes used to quickly select the date (day, month and year). You can specify the range of years which can be selected, and selectable values for the Day box will be specified automatically, accordingly to number of days per month and leap year. The control contains the number of properties which specifies its look, i.e: date format, text for labels "attached" to the selection boxes, width of boxes, fonts, etc.

60. acLabeledComboBox - the ComboBox control with the label attached to control.

61. acMRUComboBox - the edit control with the drop-down list which can save and restore the MRU history list (list of most often used lines) from the registry. When user type the text, the combobox can automatically complete the input with the text taken from the history list.

62. acImagesComboBox - the enhanced combo box which lets you to specify images for every item of the drop-down list.

63. acTreeComboBox - the combo-box with the TreeView embedded to its drop-down window. So, instead of searching and selecting the necessary list item from huge list of drop-down window, user will be able to see an elegant tree-like structure, select the tree nodes, expand and collapse them, export and import the nodes to another TreeView controls and so on.
Like in standard TreeView, the TreeComboBox can display images for each tree node, show image in editor, accept the selection either on one or double click, contains the label attached to control, customizeable image for button + many other neat features, result of combination of ComboBox and TreeView.

64. acTreeView - slightly improved standard TreeView control, which allows to mark out some certain node with bold text, color, background, frame around the node, and small picture at the right side. Though, in general, this control intended for those who still develop the apps using Delphi 2/3 or BCB 1/3. The acTreeView compatible with any 32-bit Delphi/BCB versions, but supports ALL features of TTreeView for Delphi 5/6, plus the possibility to choose custom cursor images for non-client parts of TreeView control - border, horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
new! Added methods that able very qucikly find the node or its absolute index in the TreeView with big number of items, can save the nodes structure to the file or registry.

65. acListView - the advanced ListView which can automatically sort columns, displaying the arrow-style sorting mark, which represents the sorting direction (like in the MS-Outlook). It can sorts items automatically and does not require any additional programming. However, the custom sorting are still supported. When the AutoSort is True, the acListView recognizes the format of list items and can automatically sort the text, numerical and date/time values.
Contains a lot of additional features, such like popup menus for the header columns, tooltips for the list items which doesn't fits the column size (complete customization of tooltip appearance and placement), custom tooltips for every list item, custom cursors for various non-client parts of ListView. It's also able to automatically save and restore sorting rules on exit / startup of your program.
If you're still using old versions of Delphi / C++ Builder 2 or 3 you will also pleasantly surprised that the acListView supports features which become available in higher Delphi versions. This is grid lines, row selecting, flat scrollbars, hot tracking and hot track styles and so forth…

66. acDBListView - the database-aware version of acListView component. Were added just one property - DataSource. When you select the active data source which points to some TQuery component, the acDBListView will be filled with fields / records, accordingly to the SQL statement and specified columns. However the acDBListView can be used just for displaying database records, not for editing.

67. acSystemImageList - gives access to the system image list. That's the image list which all icons (32x32 or 16x16) for various file types that Explorer uses. All these icons represents the files within the Windows shell.

68. acProportionalImage - used to show the images with correct aspect ratio, so you can be sure that the image will be fully displayed in the image control without any distortions. Also this component allows to align the image within control, determinate the bounds of actual image wihin control, can stretch image correctly (unlike standard TImage which contains a bug and break big images on stretching), gives an access to properties of JPEG image at design-time.

69. acWebImage - descendant of acProportionalImage component (see above), which displays the picture located somewhere in the Web. All you need to do is just specify the URL of the picture and component will automatically download by HTTP protocol to display.

70. acStatusControl - used to insert any visible control (button, panel, checkbox etc) to the section of the status bar.

71. acHeader - the control that has the functionality of Microsoft Outlook Header. Using this control you will be able to create highly customizable Outlook-style headers (rich-formatted text and icon at the left or right side of header, two customizeable buttons etc) and integrate them in your applications with other controls from the pack.

72. acApartPopupMenu - the PopupMenu component which properly works in several instances of application running as ActiveX control in Apartment thread model.
If you ever had pain adapting the standard PopupMenus (with single PopupList object per application) when written DLL forms, in example, for Internet Explorer toolbars, then this popup menu is what you need.

73. acHTMLViewer - easy to use HTML viewer, based on WebBrowser control of Internet Explorer. It allows to specify the HTML content without navigation through the Web, and provides easy access to some frequently used properties, intended to change the look and behavior of the emdedded browser window.

74. acSystemInfo - provides detailed system information such like machine name, current user name and organization, CPU info and frequency of main processor, serial number of hard disk, DirectX info, pathes to the system directories, executable file for default browser, current screen saver, screen resolution and color mode and so forth.

75. acDateTimeCalc - calculates number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds between two dates specified by BeginTime and EndTime properties.

76. acUnixCrypt - ultra fast crypt implementation for Delphi/C++ Builder. It works exactly as crypt(key, salt) Unix command (one-way encryption algorithm), which used to encrypt passwords in .htpasswd files in password protected Web directories.

77. acStringListContainer - can be used to specify the string lists at design-time and hold the sets of strings right in the form. Contains some additional features which allows to work with the lists of "Names=Values" (strings separated on two parts, where first part is some "name" and second is "value", separated with some character). Can disallow adding of the duplicate string independently of whether the list is sorted or not (unlike usual TStringList). Contains the methods to put and retrieve the strings in FIFO manner (allows to specify the list capacity (maximum number of strings), so if the list is full and the new string is about to be added, the first will be deleted previously, plus has the method which automatically delete the first string upon retreiving). Also it can store and retrieve the strings from registry.

78. acTextTemplateConverter - the utility which translates some specified %keywords% inside the text into some specified values. It can be used as plug-in for acSendMail and acHTMLViewer components to replace some keywords in email/HTML templates (like %recipient_email% or %sender_name%) to their actual values.

79. acSQLQueryThread - used to Open the SQL queries in separate process, avoiding suspendings of the main application thread.

80. acSimpleTCPServer - just very simple TCP Server socket implementation.

81. acSimpleTCPClient - just very simple TCP Client socket implementation.

82. acHostnameResolver - used to retrieve the host name by IP address or list of IP addresses, without freezing your application (it resolves hostnames in separate thread, because this lookup process can take rather long time and may completely freeze your application).
This component contains the internal cache for host names which arelady resolved, so it can quickly lookup for cached hostname and not use additional CPU time and bandwidth to resolve the same IP serveral times at row. Plus, the cache can be stored in system registry for further use after program restart.
Also, the acHostnameResolver can be used as simple monitor to check whether Internet connection is active, and to be notified when current PC goes online or offline (online status changes).

83. acControlKeyState - can determinate states of -Caps, -Num, -Scroll, -Control, -Shift keys and change their conditions by blinking the LEDs on the keypad.

84. acDesktopWallpaper - will implement all needed functionality to make operations with the Desktop Wallpapers neat and easy.

85. acQuickAboutBox - applies simple but cool looking "about" box for your freeware and shareware application. Just drop component onto your main form, set several properties such like program name, short description, copyright notice, email address and URL to your website and About box is done. To show it — just call Execute method.

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