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The acLabel component lets you to create eye-catching captions for your application. This is improved label control which able to show the shadow and highlight effects, twinkle captions, and change the appearance when the mouse hovers or clicks the label.  


Additional / improved properties
Blinkingset of properties to make the label text twinkle and configure the blinking intervals;  
CursorClickcursor image user clicks the label with mouse;  
FontClickfont color and style for text when user clicks the label with mouse;  
FontHoverfont color and style for text when user moves mouse pointer over label;  
Highlightcolor, style and depth of highlight effect;  
Shadowcolor, style and depth of shadow effect;  
Optionsspecifies optional behaivor of text. For example, the label can looks like the path to some disk object (with an ellipsis (…) in the middle of label if the text is longer than width);  
WordWrapwhether the text should wraps to the next line if it doesn't fits to the control's bounds.  

New events
OnMouseEnteroccurs when mouse pointer hovers the label;  
OnMouseLeaveoccurs when mouse pointer leaves the label.  

See also
acURLLabel and acRichLabel components.