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Ordering Information
If you would like to use our products and receive1 full, unrestricted versions and priority support — you have to purchase the license.

We are using ShareIt! service for payment processing. You may pay by credit card online, by fax or by phone. Remember that online ordering by credit card is the easiest and quickest payment method. If you don't have a credit card you may pay by wire transfer, US check or cash. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

All prices are in US dollars2. Registering any product entitles you to unlimited support via E-mail, minor version updates indefinitely and major version updates for 1 year from date of purchase. You can use registered components in any number of projects, there is no deployment and royalty fees.

Attention! Unfortunately ordering links do not work anymore, after the ShareIt discontinued serving AppControls account due to low volume of sales. :(

Currently the only way to purchase official legal copy of some component set is the PayPal.

To place an order, please do:

  1. Find a price for product and package type you would like a purchase.
  2. Go to author’s PayPal account at (Alternatively find author’s PayPal account by email utilmind(at)
  3. Click Send.
  4. Type the cost of product + add the product name and your email address as the note.
  5. You will receive registration to your email in less than 24 hours.
 Please choose product which you would like to purchase
Product name Compatibility  Unit Price3
 AppControls pack 4 D2—2007, CB3—6  $ 149,95 
 DiskControls pack D3—2007, CB3—6  $ 69,95 
 AnimationEffect component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 14,95 
 AppBar component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 34,95 
 AutoUpgrader component D2—2007, CB3—6  $ 19,95 
 AutoUpgrader Pro!5  D2—2007, CB3—6  $ 29,95 
 CronJob component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 14,95 
 CaptionButton component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 17,95 
 CaptionButtons collection 6 D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 27,95 
 CronJob component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 14,95 
 FileStorage component D2—2007, CB3—6  $ 19,95 
 FormHelp component D2—2007, CB3—6  $ 24,95 
 FormHints component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 14,95 
 FormMagnet component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 14,95 
 IESniffer component D5—2007, CB5—6  $ 29,95 
 SendMail component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 17,95 
 TreeComboBox component D2—2007, CB1—6  $ 19,95 
 UnixCrypt component D1—2007, CB1—6  $ 9,95 
 WinHTTP component D2—2007, CB3—6  $ 17,95 
    Click the product name to select the license and type of deployment.

  1. All products are delivered via electronic download.
  2. Use Currency Converter if you need to convert US dollars to currency of your country.
  3. “Unit Price” — the cost for single user license without the source code. Please click the link with product name to see more options, including prices for source code.
  4. AppControls pack includes ALL our shareware components + 41 additional components which not distributed separately (altogether 80+ components, except components of DiskControls pack). When you purchasing full AppControls pack, you saving at least $90 USD + getting 62 components which not distributed separately! + additional colors, cursors and property editors to the Delphi IDE!
  5. AutoUpgrader Pro is advanced AutoUpgrader component. Contains built-in features which allows to create auto-upgradable software without additional programing. Package contains two bonus components from the AppControls pack — acHTTP and acThread.
  6. CaptionButtons collection contains 5 components which able to have a custom button on the form's title bar and associated menu item in the system menu. Collection contains: acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acCaptionButton, acFormTopmost and acFormRoller.

 Alternative methods
Toll-free phone:
Customers in the US may also place their order by calling the toll-free phone number 1-800-903-4152, available 24 hours a day. Please make sure to have your product ID # ready.

US checks and Cash
US checks and cash orders can be sent to US office at
   ShareIt! Inc.
   PO Box 844
   Greensburg, PA
   15601-0844, USA

 Tel: 724-850-8186
 Fax: 724-850-8187
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