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AppControls / DiskControls demonstrations
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Available exe-demos:
 DiskControls demo (190 Kb)
Components from AppControls pack:
 acHTTP demosources
 acSendMail demosources
 acThread demosources
 acIESniffer demosources
Compiled demonstrations for some stand-alone components
 AnimationEffect (77 Kb)
 AppBar (81 Kb)
 AutoUpgrader (?)
 AutoUpgrader PRO (191 Kb)
 CaptionButton (84 Kb)
 CaptionButtons (103 Kb)
 FormHelp (103 Kb)
 FormHints (100 Kb)
 FormMagnet (90 Kb)
 IESniffer (175 Kb)
 TreeComboBox (104 Kb)
 UnixCrypt (85 Kb)
 WinHTTP (92 Kb)

Please also check out some end-user software built with App&DiskControls.
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The AppControls is the set of over 82 top quality components for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. Don't waste your time to make cosmetic features and great interfaces! Your programs will able to have additional custom buttons on the title bar / menu items in the system menu, have context-sensitive help without bulky help-files, lets your forms to dock on the screen edges (like taskbar panel), forms can be magnetized to desktop borders and be attached to other windows (like winamp player does), auto-upgrade itself from the Web when newest releases will available, upload and store additional files inside your Delphi/BCB forms, and a whole bunch of others great features! See Overview for more details.

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Disk Controls is set of 22+ components that can make your life much easier if you developing software that works with disks (Hard / Floppy / CD / RAM / Network), shell and file system.

See Overview for more details.

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