urllabel TacURLLabel component
Hierarchy Properties
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The acURLLabel component is the text label used to redirect user to the Web page, or to compose email message to specified recipient, when user clicks this label.  
The acURLLabel is successor of the acLabel component and inherits ALL its features. You can specify the highlight and shadow effects, or dynamic styles which changes label appearance when mouse hovers or clicks the label.  


key properties
Kindcontrols the type and purpose of the acURLLabe compnent. The Kind determines whether the URLLabel used as link to the Web page (ukWWW) or to execute default email program (ukEmail).;  
URLspecifies the URL location of the Web-resource to redirect user (if Kind = ukWWW);  
Emailspecifies the parameters which should be transmitted to the email program, opened when user clicks the URLLabel (if Kind is ukEmail)..  

See also
acLabel component;  
OpenURL and ComposeEmail procedures.