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The acMRUComboBox is the edit control with the drop down list which can save and restore the MRU history list (list of most recently used lines) from the registry. When user type the text, the combobox can automatically complete the input with the text taken from the history list. Also it contains the AttachedLabel structure which lets to operate with the label associated with the edit control and specify its behavior and position near the control.  


Additional and improved properties
Aligncontrols placement of the combobox within its container;  
AttachedLabelcontrols the behavior of the label attached to the control and its position;  
AutoFillwhether you would like to auto-complete the input with the string taken from the history list;  
AutoFillCaseSensitivewhether the characters case doesn't matter and whether you would like to auto-complete the input disregarding the case of characters;  
AutoFillDelayspeicifes the delay, in milliseconds, which should pass between keypress and attempt to auto-complete the input;  
MRUEnabledcontrols whether the MRU history list should be automatically restored from the registry after creation of the control (on program startup);  
MRUMaxspecifies the maximum number of items which can contains the MRU history list;  
MRURegKeydefines the path to the key in the system registry where you would like to store the MRU history list;  
MRURegLocationspecifies the root key of the hierarchy of subkeys, where you would like to store the MRU history list;  
MRUSaveOnExitcontrols whether the combobox should automatically add the current text from the edit box to the MRU history list, and save the MRU list to the registry, when user moves the focus to another control.  

New methods
ClearMRUclears all items from the history (from drop-down list), and removes them from registry.  
Savemoves the current text from the edit box to the MRU history list and saves the MRU list to the system registry.  

New events
OnMouseEnter   occurs when mouse pointer passes over the combobox;
OnMouseLeave   occurs when mouse pointer leaves the combobox;

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