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The acEdit component is the enchanced TEdit control. The acEdit can align the text by center or right edge control, able to have custom button with bitmap image, can automatically validate entered characters and disallow to type some unwanted letters. Also it contains the AttachedLabel structure which lets to operate with the label associated with the edit control and specify its behavior and position near the control.  
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tip Additionally, the acEdit can automatically change the background color on disabled state (see ColorDisabled property) and supports custom cursor images for non-client area of edit control (see CursorBorder property).  

Additional and improved properties
Aligncontrols placement of edit control within its container or parent control;  
Alignmentcontrols horizontal placement of text within the edit control;  
AttachedLabelcontrols the behavior of the label attached to the control and its position;  
AutoSelectwhether the acEdit should automatically select the line when user moves to the edit control pressing the Tab key;  
Buttonsettings for custom button at the right edge of edit control;  
ColorDisabledbackground color of edit control at disabled state (when Enabled = False);  
CursorBordercursor image when mouse pointer passes the border of edit control;  
ValidateCharswhether the acEdit component should validate entered characters and disallow symbols which not described in ValidChars property.  
ValidCharsspecifies characters allowed for input when ValidateChars is True.  

New events
OnButtonClickoccurs when user clicks the button at the right side of control;  
OnLabelClickoccurs when user clicks the label attached to the control;  
OnLabelDblClickoccurs when user double clicks the label attached to the control;  
OnMouseEnteroccurs when mouse pointer passes over edit control;  
OnMouseLeaveoccurs when mouse pointer leaves the edit control.  

See also
acNumberEdit and acIPEdit components.