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The acTreeView is the slightly improved standard TreeView control, which allows to mark out some certain node with bold text, color, background, frame around the node, and small picture at the right side (see screenshot below). Though, In general, this control intended for those who still develop the apps using Delphi 2/3 or BCB 1/3. The acTreeView compatible with any 32-bit Delphi/BCB versions, but supports ALL features of TTreeView for Delphi 5/6, plus the possibility to choose custom cursor images for non-client parts of TreeView control — border, horizontal and vertical scroll bars.  
new! Added methods that able very qucikly find the node or its absolute index in the TreeView with big number of items, can save the nodes structure to the file or registry.  

Additional / improved properties
AlwaysExpandRootwhether all root (top-level) nodes should be always expanded and never collapsed on mouse click;  
AlwaysFullExpandwhether ALL nodes should be always expanded and never collapsed on mouse click;  
AutoExpandspecifies whether the nodes in the tree view automatically expand and collapse depending on the selection;  
BoldItemset of properties used to mark out some certain node;  
Cursorsspecifies the cursor images for some non-client parts of TreeView control. You can choose custom cursors for border of TreeView and for horizontal / vertical scrollbars;  
HotTrackspecifies whether list items are highlighted when the mouse passes over them;  
RowSelectspecifies whether the entire row of the selected item is highlighted;  
ToolTipsspecifies whether the items in the tree view have tooltips.  

OnBoldItemBeforeSwitchoccurs before the marked out "bold" node index become changed;  
OnBoldItemSwitchednotifies about successful switching of the "bold" mark from one node to another;  
OnMouseEnteroccurs when mouse hovers the control;  
OnMouseLeaveoccurs when mouse leaves the control;  

The acTreeView with selected BoldItem.  

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