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The acCheckGroupBox component is an easy way to implement to your forms a group box with a checkbox instead of usual caption. When the checkbox is checked, all controls within a group box is enabled. When user uncheck the checkbox, all controls withing a group became automatically disabled.  


Additional and improved properties
BoxAlignmentControls placement of checkbox relatively to the caption. By default, checkbox is left-aligned. When the BoxAlignment is taRightJustify, the checkbox will be displayed to the right of text;  
CaptionSpecifies a text string on the caption of checkbox;  
CheckedIndicates whether a checkbox is selected;  
Ctl3DDetermines whether a groupbox and checkbox above has a three-dimensional (3-D) or two-dimensional look;  
StateDetermines the various states a check box (checked, unchecked or grayed).  

New events
OnCheckBoxClickoccurs when user clicks the checkbox above the group box, or when the Checked property is changed.  

See also
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