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The acSystemImageList gives access to the system image list. That's the image list which all icons (32x32 or 16x16) for various file types that Explorer uses. All these icons represents the files within the Windows shell.  
iiinfo On Win9x-family machines the list are automatically filled, however the NT operates with separate system icon lists for each process. The icon list are populated (new icons being added to it) every time when you access some object which has an icon (file, folder, drive etc). You can see how that list populated even at design-time. Drop the acSystemImageList on your form, connect it with some ListView as LargeIcons property and create some fake list items. Then try to browse the disk with "File | Open", and you will see how the list grows.  

How to use ?
Just point the Images property of any component, which uses the ImageList's to display images, to the acSystemImageList. The icons will be taken from the list of system images.  
For example, if you have the ListView which contains the list of files, you can use the acSystemImageList as source for file icons.  
To retrieve small icons (16x16) — set the ImageSize property to is16x16. To retrieve large icons (32x32) — set the ImageSize property to is32x32.  
tip To retrieve the index which corresponds to some file name, use GetSystemIconIndex function from acUtils unit.  

iiwarning You can use/retrieve the icons of this list, but can NOT modify (add/delete) them.  

See also
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