systeminfo TacSystemInfo component
Hierarchy Properties
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The acSystemInfo component provides detailed system information such like machine name, current user name and organization, CPU info and frequency of main processor, serial number of hard disk, DirectX info, pathes of system directories, executable file for default browser, current screen saver, screen resolution and color mode and so forth.  

Property groups
Computer / User / Network Information  
ComputerName, ComputerWorkgroup, ComputerDescription - Network Information about local machine.  
CurrentUserName - logon name of current user.  
OwnerName, OwnerCompany - Information about machine owner.  
InternetStatus - current Internet status. Online or Offline.  
DefaultBrowser - path to executable of default Web browser.  
CPU Information  
CPUFrequency - frequency of main (first) processor in megaherzes.  
CPUArchitecture, CPUIdentifier, CPUType, CPUVendor - some information about main processor.  
CPUsNumber - number of processors.  
Display / Screen Information  
ScreenColorMode, ScreenResolution - information about current screen resolution and color mode. You may change the screen resolution changing values of these properties.  
ScreenSaver - path current screen saver.  
Windows Version Information  
WinNT - returns True if current OS is Windows NT or 2000. Same as IsNT routine.  
OSVersion, WinVersion, WinVersionBuild, WinVersionMajor, WinVersionMinor, WinVersionNumber, WInVersionSubNumber - Windows version information.  
WinProductID, WinProductKey, WinProductName - product information.  
System Directories  
DirAppData, DirCache, DirCommonFiles, DirCookies, DirDesktop, DirFavorites, DirFonts, DirHistory, DirMedia, DirMyPictures, DirNetHood, DirPersonal, DirPrintHood, DirProgramFiles, DirPrograms, DirRecent, DirSendTo, DirStartMenu, DirStartup, DirSystem, DirTemp, DirTemplates, DirWindows, SystemPathes.  
RAM Information  
MemAvailPhisical, MemAvailVirtual, MemTotalPhisical, MemTotalVirtual - amount of total and avialable memory.  
MemLoad - memory load in percents.  
Disk Serial # Information  
DiskCSerialNumber - integer value of serial number of disk C:.  
DiskCSerialNumberStr - string value of serial numbr of disk C: in "XXXX-XXXX" format.  
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