desktopwallpaper TacDesktopWallpaper component
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The acDesktopWallpaper component will implement to your application all needed functionality to make operations with the Desktop Wallpapers neat and easy.  

How to use?
To deteminate or specify a path to current desktop wallpaper — read or change Wallpaper property. To specify the wallpaper's appearance — use Stretch and Tile properties.  
To change the desktop wallpaper — just point the Wallpaper property to another .BMP file or call SetDesktopWallpaper method. To make wallpaper tiled on desktop- set Tile property to True (this is great feature for small wallpaper images). To make wallpaper stretched on entire desktop — set Stretch property to True and Tile to False.  
tip If you wish to specify the wallpaper appearance automatically — set AutoFormat property to True and all pictures with size less than a quarter of screen will be "tiled", big pictures will be "stretched". Note: When AutoFormat = True, values of Stretch and Tile property will be ignored.  
To clear wallpaper from desktop — call RemoveWallpaper method.  

Demo application
The acDesktopWallpaper component are successfully used in our Wallpaper Manager. You may freely download and test this software (or just take a look on it's screenshots), go to