ipedit TacIPEdit component
Hierarchy Properties Controls with attached label
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The acIPEdit component is the control for editing the IP addresses. This is 100% native VCL component and contains a little bit more features than ActiveX "IPAddress". Also it contains the AttachedLabel structure which lets to operate with the label associated with the edit control and specify its behavior and position near the control.  


iiinfo You can specify and determinate the IP address as string (Text property), as integer value (IPLong property), or separately as four byte values (IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4 properties).  

Additional / improved properties

Alignmentcontrols horizontal placement of the text within every section of the acIPEdit control;  
AttachedLabelcontrols the behavior of the label attached to the control and its position;  
AutoSelectcontrols whether the text in the IP section should be automatically selected when user moves to the section using arrow keys, activating input focus in the section of acIPEdit control;  
IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4determines or specifies the byte values in separate sections of IP address;  
IPLongrepresents the IP address as integer value;  
Textrepresents the IP address as text string.  

See also
acEdit and acNumberEdit components.