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The acHTMLViewer component is the easy to use HTML viewer, based on WebBrowser control of Internet Explorer. It allows to specify the HTML content without navigation through the Web, and provides easy access to some frequently used properties, intended to change the look and behavior of the emdedded browser window.  
iiwarning This component available only in Delphi/BCB 5 and higher versions.  

How to use?
If you wish to show some HTML-formatted text with effects of Internet Explorer — just drop the control onto your form, and specify the contents to HTML property. To change the color and style of the frame around the viewer — use BorderColor and BorderStyle properties.  
If you don't want to show the default Internet Explorer's popup menu — set NoStdPopupMenu to True (and use PopupMenu property to specify custom menu). To hide the scroll bars — set NoScroll to True.  
If you think that this wrapper over TWebBrowser control does not let you enough functionality (for example, you want to use some additional properties of TWebBrowser control or even navigate over the Web) — just use WebBrowser property for full access of all its properties and methods. Remember that this is just wrapper over Internet Explorer, not native VCL implementation.  

Note for C++ Builder developers
iiwarning When you will build the project with HTMLViewer, you may get following linker error:  
[C++ Error] SHDocVw.hpp(893): E2293 ) expected, at the following line:  
/* TWinControl.CreateParented */ inline __fastcall TWebBrowser(HWND ParentWindow) : Olectrls::TOleControl(ParentWindow) { }  
Please manually edit the SHDocVw.hpp and change this line to  
/* TWinControl.CreateParented */ inline __fastcall TWebBrowser(HANDLE ParentWindow) : Olectrls::TOleControl(ParentWindow) { }  
Also you can get another linker error:  
IESniffer.hpp E2209 Unable to open include file 'MSHTML.hpp'.  
Please just replace MSHTML.hpp to MSHTML.h. For some reason BCB comes with MSHTML.h file instead of *.hpp.  

See also
acRichLabel and acIESniffer components.