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AppControls: Version History
24.10.2006   3.8.1    Fixed critical bug in acAutoUpgrader component, which could freeze Application Update Wizard.

Added support of Slovak language to the built-in Application Update Wizard of the acAutoUpgrader component.

23.10.2006   3.8    Added 3 new components: acAppGlobalAlert and acAppGlobalSwitch. Both are small utilities which helps you to control some global application actions in different forms of application; and acCurrencyEdit, the component which can be used to easily edit currency values with 2 decimal digits (currently it's rather simple but new features will added in next AppControls release).

Fixed 4 bytes memory leak in acThread class (used in acHTTP, acAutoUpgrader, acSendMail and other components).

Changed CheckUpdate method in acAutoUpgrader component. Added posibility to just check whether update available, without any message boxes and without initiation of the update itself.

Added OnBeforeSendRequest event to acHTTP component.

Added ShowGoOnlineMessage property and IsGlobalOnline method to acHTTP component, plus added ioIgnoreUnknownCertificateAuthority option to the InternetOptions property.

Added processing of Alt+Backspace to acEdit component and its descendants (unfortunately it was not supported before by our mistake).

The acFormHints component now can be used in ActiveX-based forms in apartment application model.

…and many other minor improvements and fixes…

01.01.2006   3.7.6    Installation fixes for Delphi 2006.

20.12.2005   3.7.5    Update with support of Delphi 2006, plus some minor fixes.

29.09.2005   3.7.4    Fixed acSendMail component (it appears that some SMTP servers are incorrectly process huge MimeEncoded email messages without linebreaks, so SendMail now breaks the lines in MimeEncoded attachments.

25.09.2005   3.7.3    Fixed acHTTP component, now all non-latin characters over 7bits are correctly "URLEncoded" for POST queries.

Fixed issues with displaying effects on MDI windows using acAnimationEffect and acWin32Effects components;

Fixed memory leak in acTrayIcon component, occured when application runs minimized at startup.

13.07.2005   3.7.2    Fixed incompatibilities with some 3rd party unicode controls.

Fixed bug in acInfoBox component ("property does not exists" message, which also could occur on using AutoUpgrader component).

29.06.2005   3.7.1    Added OnUploadCGITimeoutFailed event to acHTTP component.

Bugfix in OpenURL function, now opens URL in any default Web browser, including FireFox.

14.06.2005   3.7    Added 4 new components: acHTTPDownloadQueue, acRSSFeed, acRSSFeedContainer and acTrackBar. Unfortunately they are NOT documented yet, the description on these components and their features will be shortly, in next release (although they are fully functional and easy to use, most features are self-describing by properties and events).

Added Authentication feature to acSendMail component (allows to specify username and password for SMTP server).

Fixes in acHTTP component:
  • it was not returned from "Busy" state in case of file creation error, when components downloads some data to specified OutputFileName;
  • added OnOutputFileError event;
  • removed HideOutputFile property and added OutputFileAttributes property instead (allows to specify the file attributes for downloaded file, when it incomplete (being downloaded), and complete);
  • implemented "rollback" feature which starts downloading again from beginning in case if content of Web file/document has been changed while downloading, or file has been saved incorrectly because of disk error;
  • fixes in proxy authentication;
  • fixed bug with caching of files received by HTTPS protocol (actually documents received by HTTPS won't be cached, but all cache flags now ignored in case of work via secure protocol).
Fixes in acFormHelp and acInfoBox: long strings now wraps to next line after ".", ",", ":", ";", "/" and "-" characters.

The UseF1 property has been returned back again to acFormHelp component. (Allows to disable invoking the context sensitive help from mouse pointer on pressing F1 button when False).

13.12.2004   3.6    Support of Win32 platform of Delphi 2005.

Big improvements and changes in acHTTP component:
  • Added CacheOptions and InternetOptions properties, 2 sets of various options used to specify various behavours of HTTP requests and how the component should work with standard cache;
  • Removed UseCache and UseCookies properties, since they replaced by much more flexible CacheOptions and InternetOptions properties;
  • Added ProxyUsername and ProxyPassword properties used to specify the required login information for secure proxy authentication before the HTTP request;
  • Added Pause and Resume methods, used to terminate and resume downloading;
  • Added 2 optional parameters to Abort method, which can specify whether to delete the file which are being downloaded and whether to terminate running thread imediately, without releasing internet handles;
  • Modified HTTPHeaderInfo event: added ETag parameter.
Some fixes which solves the problems with compiling the AppControls in C++ Builder without modifications of HPP files.

Added OnTemplateChanged and OnParamChanged events to acTextTemplateConverter component. The acHTMLViewer now automatically refreshes the view accordingly to changed template.

10.11.2004   3.5.2    Added new component: acComboDatePicker (panel with group of 3 combo-boxes used to quickly select the date (day, month and year).

Added lpAboveCenter and lpBelowCenter parameters to acAttachedLabel class, so the components with attached label (acEdit, acNumberEdit, acLabeledComboBox, acMRUComboBox, etc) can have attached label centered below or above the control.

The acSystemInfo now correctly detects Win2003 server OS.

Fixed bug in acIPEdit which has allowed to enter values over 255 to the cells of IP edit.

Fixed another bug in acThread class, the thread has never returned to the "ready" state after execution.

08.11.2004   3.5.1    Fixed bug in acInfoBox component, now the text correctly displays in the message boxes with disabled "Don't show this message again" check box.

More fixes in acThread class.

04.11.2004   3.5    In general — tons of improvements, several new components, and support of ThemeEngine by (currently customers must have source codes of AppControls to recompile the visual controls so they will support themes of ThemeEngine).

New components:
  acAccurateTimer  timer based in separate thread, much more accurate than standard system timer)
  acCronJob  the alarm timer schedule. Produces periodical OnAlert events, which occurs in periods specified in CRON format of Unix)
  acLinksPanel  panel with labels and images at the right. You can specify the font and image for each label and hook the event when user clicks the particular label.

Fixes and changes:
  • Added AutoCheckDelay property to acAutoUpgrader component, plus many minor fixes (i.e: faster application restart with minimum CPU load, validation of downloaded files before replacing previous etc).
  • Added tdNone value to TopLevelDir property of acFileStorage component. Now it can extract the files to ANY directory specified in Subdirectory property (not only to standard folders as was in previous versions).
  • Added CustomFields property to acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo component, which allows to specify custom fieilds/tokens for auto-filling of the web forms.
  • Added AddPath method, ShowTreePathInEdit and TreePathSeparator properties to acTreeComboBox component (allows to display the full path to node in the edit/selection box) + fixed the bug which has allowed to enter text to non-editable combobox.
  • Added HeaderFont and ItemPopupMenu property to acListView component (ItemPopupMenu allows to specify the PopupMenu for list items (different of PopupMenu for entire ListView control)), plus added CopySelectionToClipboard method (copies the text from selected rows/columns to clipboard + it automatically copies the text when user press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins keys).
  • Added ItemPopupMenu, AlwaysExpandRoot, AlwaysFullExpand and BoldItem properties to acTreeView component (BoldItem allows to specify the "bold" node, which can have its own text style, color, frame, and image at the right of text).
  • Added SendMail property set, GetLastRecords and EmailLastRecords methods to acThreadSafeLog component (now it able to send email message with last N log entires to administrator in case of some fatal error).
  • Fixed some issues with acAppBar component, which occured when the BorderStyle property was bsNone (borderless skinned forms).
  • The acFormHelp component now invokes the content sensitivity popup help for disabled controls, plus fixed the problem with displaying "What's This?" menu item for controls with non-standard popup menu.
  • Modified acAwayTimer component: the AwayTime property now have Cardinal type and returns value of milliseconds passed since last user activity, instead of TDateTime value.
  • Modified acButtonsPanel component: CustomBeforeOK property changed to CustomButtonPosition. Also added "Apply" parameter to OnApplySettings event (allows to validate the submission of dialog box on "applying" modified content).
  • Fixed memory/resource leak in acThread component (the handle of suspended thread was not destroyed on destroying the TacThread class).
  • Fixed cosmetic bug in acSplitterPanel component, now it correctly specifies the BorderWidth property.
  • The drop-down tree view of the acTreeComboBox component now displays the drop-down shadow under it + supports the mouse wheel to scroll the tree items.
  • Many others minor improvements and fixes, mostly to make the AppControls compatible with ThemeEngine
14.01.2004   3.4.2    Added new feature to acThreadSafeLog component, which allows to limit the maximum size of the log file (see new MaxSize property, OnMaxSizeReached event and ClearLog method).

11.01.2004   3.4.1    Few minor bugfixes in acFormMagnet component (to make it working propertly if the parent of MDI children was changed at run-time).
Changed the name of icon resource of acAutoUpgrader component, therefore the default application icon set in project options would remain.

03.01.2004   3.4    Added new component, acThreadSafeLog, the log-writter which can be safely used from different threads simultaneously without additional syncronization.

The acSendMail component now supports two threading models and can be used to send e-mails from different threads simultaneously, without creating new separate thread (see new Threaded property and description on threaded and non-threaded models).

Fixed critical problem with resources of acAutoUpgrader component under Windows 98/ME.

Some fixes in the acAppBar component, now it does not "reserve desktop space" for hidden forms.

Minor fixes in the OnChange event handler of acNumberEdit component (now it not occurs when the component is loading).

The type of IconResID property of the acInfoBox component has been changed from Integer to String (to allow to specify text-based resource identifiers).

16.12.2003   3.3.1    Fixed bug in acHTTP component. Now it allows to upload files to password protected directories and allows to specify the login information in OnPasswordRequest event handler if it's required. (Previous version released the uploading stream after sending the data, so the upload request could not be automatically retried. However, it still advisable to have correct Username/Password before uploading data to password protected directories, to avoid unnecessary double-uploading).

12.12.2003   3.3    Fixed some bugs in acAppBar component which can lead to strange behaviors when the form is undocking, if application uses more than one AppBar.

Changed the parameters of OnWBStatusTextChange event handler of acIESniffer component. Now it allows to change the status text which appears in browser window.

Fixed bug in acCaptionButton, which has displayed system menu on click of caption button on minimized MDI form.

Fixed bug in acCheckGroupBox, now it don't cuts the caption of checkbox when big fonts used on the form.

Added Alignment property to acButtonsPanel component which can arrange the buttons by left or right side, or center of panel.

Added ShowAccelChar property to acBitBtn and acButtonsPanel components. This property controls whether the buttons should display ampersand (&), or just underline the accelerator character after it.

Added Turkish language support to acAutoUpgrader component.

Many minor bugfixes and improvements in other components (acOnlyOne, acBitBtn, acInfoBox etc).

25.11.2003   3.2    Added acTextTemplateConverter component. Basically it can be used as plug-in for acSendMail component to replace the %KEYWORDS% in the message body and headers to the strings specified in the TemplateConverter.

Added MsgDateTime property to acSendMail component (allows to specify the date and time of outgoing message).

Added Bottommost property to acFormHook component (constantly keeps the form under other windows when True).

Improvements/bugfixes in acStringListContainer component:
  Now it correctly modifies the Names/Values between the separator + the separator can contain more than one character.
  Added IgnoreCase parameter to IndexOfName and IndexOfValue methods which allows to find the index of string in the list without case sesnsitivety.

The acAppBar component now in correctly displays the borderless application desktop toolbars.

Minor cosmetic bugfixes in acLabel component.

20.10.2003   3.1.1    Fixed critical bug which crashed the IDE at design-time.

19.11.2003   3.1    Two new components: acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo (plug-in for acIESniffer to automatically fill the forms with some basic user details) and acApartPopupMenu (popup menu which correctly works on ActiveX forms in Apartment thread model).

Many improvements in acIESniffer component: now it can automatically fill the Web forms (with acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo plug-in), redirect user to the custom search engine instead of default MSN, allows to specify the custom URL for search bar (at the left side of IE window), specify zoom factor for viewed pages and some other features.

Improvements in acTreeComboBox component:
  Now it can automatically complete words that user typed in the input box (added AutoComplete, AutoCompleteDelay and AutoCompleteIgnoreCase properties);
  Added SelectNodeByText, FindNode and FindNodeByAbsoluteIndex methods.

Improvements/changes in acOnlyOne component:
  The SwitchToPrevious property (used to activate the first program instance) renamed to SwitchToFirst;
  Added CloseFirst property (can be used to automatically close first program instance);
  Added new method, CloseFirstInstance which allows to close previous program instance + described an example how to close the application built with acOnlyOne from external program and how switch to previous application instance before any form will be created (see it in the manual on acOnlyOne);
  Also we have included to the distribution package new command-line utility, named CloseApp, which can be used in setup programs to close the application before the setup will overwrite the executable file (comes with source code, see it in the Tools directory of distribution package).

Minor improvements in other components:
  Fixed problem with displaying the dialog boxes over the acAppBar when it's AlwaysOnTop property is True.
  Added SetSelection method to acEdit, acNumberEdit, acLabeledComboBox and acTreeComboBox components;
  Added OnSubmit method and SubmitButton property to acMRUComboBox component;
  The HideOnRestore option of acTrayIcon component has been renamed to HideIconOnRestore + added new option MinimizeToTrayOnDeactivate. The PlaySysActionSounds property also become an option (see Options property);
  Few fixes in the acInfoBox component (now it allows to copy the content of the message box by Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins keys), plus now it doesn't allow to display several InfoBox'es simultaneously, one over previous, plus now it brings the activated InfoBox to the foreground (useful when displayed from minimized app);
  Added saveOnExit and saveOnDestroy parameters to the Options property of RegistrySaver structure of acEdit component and all its descendants. The options now allows to specify the events which could automatically save the current text in the edit box to registry.

22.10.2003   3.0.1    Fixed installation package for C++ Builder 5/6.

Fixed bug in acExtAssociation component (occasionally it didn't allowed to specify the file extension).

Fixed bug in acHTTP component (it didn't saved dynamic non-binary ASCII content to the file specified in OutputFileName property).

The acTrayIcon component now refreshes its icon in system tray area in 15 seconds, if the application was started automatically on Windows startup (this improvement was imlementeted due to strange behavior or bug in WinXP, where some tray icons may appear invisible if the program was executed on startup).

Added ClearMRU method to acMRUComboBox component.

22.09.2003   3.0    Third version of AppControls. Big redesign and optimization of almost all internal structures and classes + 9 new components: acClipboard, acPrcessList, acConnectionList, acIESniffer, acButtonsPanel, acTreeComboBox, acWebImage, acStringListContainer and acHostnameResolver.

Improvements in various existing components (see the description of new properties and methods in the manuals for each component):
  Added IsMinimized property to acTrayIcon component (allows to determinate whether application is minimized to system tray);
  Added WaitTimeout property to acHTTP, acSendMail, acThread and acSQLQueryThread components (allows to specify maximum timeout needed to complete operation or die);
  Added OnActiveTimer property to acAwayTimer component (the timer-based event which only occurs when user actively using the PC);
  Added InstallTime property to acAppStartCounter component (writes and retrieves a timestamp when the application was first executed);
  Added MinimizeIfNoInfoFound property to acFormPlacementSaver component (when True, it allows to maximize the application window on its first start (if no placement information was found in registry));
  Added FindNode, FindNodeByAbsoluteIndex and FindAbsoluteIndexByNode methods to acTreeView component.
  Added MaxWidth property to acFormHints component. The new property allows to wrap longs strings in balloon-style hints in Delphi3/BCB3 and higher.
  Changes in OnHeaderInfo event of acHTTP component (added ErrorCode parameter which passes the status code of the HTTP request);
  The acSendMail component now encodes attachment in ~500 times faster;
  All components which works with registry now retrieving values from registry for users which don't have administration rights on NT-family machines.

Improvements in acAutoUpgrader component:
  Added CheckUpdateAndWaitResult and RestartApplication methods;
  Added UseCache property;
  Changed OnEndUpgrade event handler (added new parameters);
  The built-in application update wizard now can automatically translate the text also to Icelanding and Polish languages.

Improvements in acListView component:
  Added CheckOnClick property (specifies whether the list items should be checked/unchecked on click);
  Added OnCheckBoxClick event (occurs when user clicks the checkbox at the left of item);
  Also now the acListView can show special label at the center of report-style view, which only visible if the list is empty (see EmptyListMessage and ShowEmptyListMessage properties).

Many other improvements and lots of new functions in acUtils unit (see description on "Bonus Routines" in manuals).

06.04.2003   2.7    Fixed critical bug of previous version, which did not allowed to terminate the debug process in Delphi/BCB IDE (on Ctrl+F2).

Added HideFileLocation property to Wizard structure of acAutoUpgrader component (now it allows the location from where the file are downloading)

Added OnFormCloseButtonClick event to acFormHook component (it notifies when user clicks the close [X] button on form's title bar).

Fixed small bug in acOnlyOne component, now it correctly switches to previous application instance.

Fixed small bug in acNumberEdit component (it did not reacted to Enter and Escape key presses, which is very important in dialogs).

Improvements in acListView component:
The OnColumnResize event was renamed to OnColumnResizeEnd, plus was added OnColumnResizeBegin event which occurs when user just about to resize the list column and allows to disallow the resizing.
Added SetColumnOrders method (can set the orders of column or copy the orders from another ListView).
The BestFit method now can specify best fit by widths of text on the header, as well as by widths of list items.
Added ExportToTXT and ExportToHTML methods.

Added acHostnameResolver component (used to lookup for the hostname by specified IP or list of IP addresses).

15.03.2003   2.6    Improvements in acHTTP component:
Added Timeouts structure (helps to specify timeouts for HTTP requests) and OnRedirected event (occurs if the server has redirected the HTTP query to another location).

Improvements in acAppBar component:
Added DontSlideOnTaskBarWhenAutoHide property (when True, the windows taskbar is not obscured when the appbar slides from screen's side) + fixed some problems occured in Windows XP (flickering when the floating AppBar moved after "undocking").

Improvements in acTrayIcon component:
Now it able to restore the icon in the system tray after crash or restart of Windows Explorer. Also added Icon16 property, which can be used together with Icon property and allows to separately specify high color tray icon (for Windows ME and XP) and 16-colors icon (for Win95/98/NT4/2000, unfortunately older version can only show 16-color icons in the tray).
Also added WhatsThisHint and PopupMenuWhatsThisItem properties, which can be used if you wish to show "What's This?" popup help window when user clicks proper menu item in popup menu associated with tray icon.
Also added some OnBaloonXXX events (can be used to respond on events of balloon-style tooltip of tray icons of Win2000 and higher), and HideInfoBalloon method (used to hide the balloon-style tooltip without waiting when it timeout will be expired).

Improvements in acListView:
Now it better supports Windows XP themes. Added HeaderColor property which allows to specify the color for column headers for uniform look. Added FindCaption method which can be used to quickly find the list item by caption.

Fixed bug in acFormPlacementSaver component, in previous versions it did not saved the form placement if it was closed after call of "Form.Close" method.

Added OnFormShown event to acFormHook component (occurs at once after displaying the form, and can be used instead of OnShow form's event which occurs before it actually displays).

All visual controls, like acBitBtn, acCheckBox, acRadioButton, acCheckGroupBox, acListView, acPanel and all its descendants (HeaderPanel, PicturePanel) supports the Windows XP themes in lower Delphi/BCB versions (lower than Delphi 7, which already comes with built-in WinXP Theme API). However, our controls can correctly show Windows XP styles even if they was built with Delphi 2 or BCB 3.

Many others minor bugfixes (i.e: fixed GetCPUSpeed function which raised 'division by zero' on P4 3.06Ghz) and improvements.

30.10.2002   2.5.3    Improved all controls with AttachedLabel. Now the attached labels will be look correctly with any pixel per inch resolution.

Added ShowHeaderArrow property to acHeaderPanel component. Now the component can show the arrow near the caption, displaying that the caption of header panel have a popup menu.

Some cosmetic bugfixes in acSplitterPanel component (now it correctly restores the placement of the panes from the registry, even if the form has been resized on program startup).

Added FlickerFreeMaximize property to acFormPlacementSaver component. (When it is set to True and the component is about to restore the previous placement of your form (maximize the form) on program startup, the component will do it without flickering).

Added OnCaptionDblClick event to acCaptionButton and acTrayIcon components. The event occurs when user double clicks the title bar of the form.

Fixed bug in acFormPlacementSaver component, in previous versions it did not saved the form placement if it was closed after call of "Form.Close" method.

22.10.2002   2.5.2    Release mostly with improvements in acHTTP and acAutoUpgrader components:
Added the OnHeaderInfo and OnDoneInterrupted events to acHTTP component. The OnHeaderInfo allows to receive the headers of the remote document and decide whether you want to continue the download the content.

Added MiscFilesUpgrade property and OnFileStart event to acAutoUpgrader component. These improvements allows to receive the headers of response from HTTP server before downloading the data and decide whether you want to download and upgrade the files which sizes remains unchanged since previous release of your application.
Also added OnDoOwnCloseAppMethod event, which allows to execute own method which will close the application before the application upgrade.

Fixed minor bug in acAwayTimer component (component for detecting the user's activity/inactivity).

The acWin2kEffects component now correctly refresh the form content after displaying the effect described in AnimateOnShow structure.

Minor improvements:
The acSystemInfo component now detects and allows to specify the screen resolutions of Pivot monitors: 480x640, 600x800, 768x1024, 864x1152, 960x1280, 1024x1280, 1200x1600, 1080x1920, 1200x1920.

15.10.2002   2.5.1    Improved the threading model for all components which uses acCustomThread class (acHTTP, acAutoUpgrader, acSendMail and acSQLQueryThread). New improvements allows to use these components in ActiveX forms even in Delphi 6/7, C++ Builder 6 and higher.

Added Spanish and Simplified Chinese languages to built-in "Application Update Wizard" of acAutoUpgrader component. Now it supports 13 natural languages.

Fixed minor bug in acWin2kEffects component, which did not displayed the animation effect correctly on closing of the child forms.

Added BiDiMode property for AttachedLabel structure used in all our Edit and ComboBox controls.

08.01.2002   2.4.2    Added FlashBackground method to acWin2kEffects component (to allow the form flash in background mode until user click the window with mouse or active at with keybard).

Added MaxClientWidth, MaxClientHeight, MinClientWidth and MinClientHeight properties to acFormSizeRestrictions component. These properties allows to specify the resize boundaries for the form.

17.12.2001   2.4.1    Added new event to acListView component (OnColumnResize).
Improvements in acSystemTCPClient, acSimpleTCPServer and acThread.

02.12.2001   2.4    Added 4 new components: acEmbeddedForm, acImagesComboBox, acSimpleTCPServer, acSimpleTCPClient.

Improvements in the acAutoUpgrader:
 1. Improved integration with external setup programs (in case if the upgrade made by external program, the self-upgrading module now will wait for termination of setup);
 2. Corrected function that calculates the estimated time left in the download progress (this also fixed in OnProgress event of acHTTP component. (New formula: X := FileSize / BytesRead * ElapsedTime - ElapsedTime);
 3. Added Italian language support for “Application Update Wizard”.

Added couple of new optional properties (Margins structure) to the acFormHelp + it now completely supports Jordan Russel's Toolbar2000 buttons.

Improvements in acFormHints component. Now you can select the style of hint dynamically in the OnShowHint event.

Bugfixes in download mechanism of acHTTP/acAutoUpgrader components (fixed problems with allocation the memory for streams for big files (>4MB)).

Added forgotten in previous release the component editor for Columns property of the acDBListView.

New property in acOnlyOne, new event in acFormPlacementSaver, huge improvements in acListView and acFileStorage components. A lot of others minor improvements and optimizations.

31.10.2001   2.3.6    Added acDBListView component — db-aware version of acListView.

The acFormHelp component now supports any sophistical buttons and menu items (Toolbar2000 items for instance) as controls which can automatically invoke the help pointer.

Fixed minor bug in acAppBar component, discovered in Win2000 (Win95/98/NT4 works ok), when user tryed to undock the form double-clicking it to restore it to "floating" state.

Improved acAutoUpgrader component: now it correctly supports external setup-files, added new option to UpgradeMethod property. Minor improvements in the self-upgrading mechanism.

24.10.2001   2.3.5    Implemented couple of new features for tooltips of the acListView component. First - added possibility to specify custom multiline tooltips for list items. Second - added new property ShowScrollTips. When it True and user drags the thumb of vertical scrollbar, the list-view shows the hint with caption of top list item of current sorted column.

Fixed bug in acEdit component. (Values of PasswordChar and ValidateChars properties was ignored.)

Added Dutch localization resources to acAutoUpgrader component. Thanks to Carl Peeraer for translation.

18.10.2001   2.3.4    Added acSendMail component, extremely easy to use implementation of SMTP-client.

Implemented some new properties and events for acAutoUpgrader component, which allows to use external installation programs for local extraction downloaded setup-file in "silent mode", fixed a couple of spelling mistakes in localization of Application Update Wizard.

Fixed bug in acAppBar component. (There was strange behavior on docking the AppBar to the right or bottom sides of screen, with pre-configured minimal size of form.) Also added new property (TitleBar) which allows to show the title bar on form docked to the screen edge.

Fixed major design-time bug in acFormSystemMenu component. The Delphi IDE has crashed on removing the component from form at design-time.

Added Range property to the acHTTP component, which allows to download certain blocks of data from remote binary files or implement custom mechanism for resuming of broken downloads (if you don't use IE cache).

Added MIMEType property to acExtAssociation component. The new property allows to specify and determinate the media type of file extension.

27.09.2001   2.3.3    Minor bug fixed in self-upgrading mechanism of acAutoUpgrader component (Upgrader3.pas).

23.09.2001   2.3.2    Improved acDesktopWallpaper component. Added AutoFormat property.
Minor bugfixes in acAutoUpgrader component (in Wizard form and self-upgrading module).

19.09.2001   2.3.1    Added acUnixCrypt component.
Fixed some minor bugs in the acAutoUpgrader, added German language support.

10.09.2001   2.3    acAutoUpgrader Pro released! Pro-version contains built-in "Application Update Wizard", a lots of customization features, proxy support, multi-language support and much more! See press release to check out what's new in the acAutoUpgrader.

Added OnPasswordRequest event to acHTTP component. This event allows user to enter his username and password, required for access to password protected Web directory, then retry HTTP request.

Bufixes and improvements in the acFormHelp component:
 1.Fixed problem with appearance of context-sensitive help windows without shadow;
 2.Added ParentFont property which helps to make uniform appearance for context-sensitive help as well as for usual controls;
 3.Added UseF1 property which can allow or disallow displaying of the context-sensitive help windows when user press F1 key;
 4."What's This?" menu item does not pops up anymore if the control already have own popup menus (even non-standard, like Jordan's Russels Toolbar2000 menus).

Some minor bugfixes in other components…

27.08.2001   2.2.2    Added AddHeaders property to acHTTP component. This property allows to specify additional headers for the HTTP request.

02.08.2001   2.2.1    Minor bugfixes in acCaptionButton, acAppBar and acFormSystemMenu components.

Added new component, acDragPanel. DragPanel is great addition to acAppBar to allow user to move and dock the form dragging the panel that covers form.

15.07.2001   2.2    A lots of improvements, Delphi 6 support, and two new components: acFormSystemMenu and acFormStatusControl.

Changes and improvements:
acFormCursors component has been completely rewritten and renamed to the acAppCursors. Now just one acAppCursors component can change appearance of cursor images for non-clients objects in entire application, in any form, even non-VCL based (i.e: Save/Open file dialogs).

acGradientForm component renamed to acFormBackground. Improved component can paint the form background using 3 various gradient effects, or 4 styles of drawing the wallpaper: tiled, stretched, tiled with zigzag (like bricks in the wall), or aligning the picture by center.

Added some new properties which allows the acFormHelp to put "What's This?" menu item to the main and/or system menu(s) of your form. Additionally you can point the "What's This?" button on the toolbar (or any control, in general). When user clicks the button or menu item, the cursor will be changed to a question mark with a pointer. If the user then clicks a control in the form, the control receives a message to show the context-sensitive help, taken from secondary part of the control's Hint property. Also added ShowHelpPointer method which allows to invoke the help-pointer "manually".

Minor bugfixes and optimizations in the acCaptionButton component. The caption buttons now refreshes much faster when the form's caption changes + fixed small bug in buttons wich have own popup menu.

Added OnCaptionChanged event to acFormHook component + minor bugfix in the NoCaption property.

Added SortMarkJustify property to the acListView component. The arrow-style sort mark now can be displayed either near the text or near the edge of header section.

Added oDblClickRestore option to the acTrayIcon component. This option allows to prevent restoring of the form associated with the tray icon on double click.

Minor bugfix in the acCheckGroupBox component.

Changes and improvements in the core structures (TacComponent and TacFormHookComponent).

Added 6 new cursors to the IDE (crArrowResize, cr3dArrowResize, cr3dArrowWarning, crPen, crZoomIn and crZoomOut).

21.05.2001   2.1    Fixed bug in the acTrayIcon component, which was prevented the Win2000 from shutting down (or logging off) when the tray icon was visible in the taskbar status area.

19.05.2001   2.0    Second version of the AppControls. The package now contains new section with improved visual controls.

Were added 15 new components: acHTTP, acLabel, acURLLabel, acRichLabel, acCheckBox, acRadioButton, acCheckGroupBox, acButton, acBitBtn, acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit, acMRUComboBox, acTreeView, acListView.

Fixed small bug in the acFormHints component. In previous releases the balloon-style hint could be displayed semi-transparent (even if Transparent property is False), when user moves the mouse too quickly and hint did not have time to disappear.

Added some new properties and methods the the acAppBar component.

04.05.2001   1.3    Added acFormResizeGrip component which attaches the SizeGrip rectangle to the bottom-right corner of the form at run-time. This allows the user to resize the form dragging this grip.

Improved acAppBar. Added several new properties and methods for more flexible management of the AppBar window.

27.04.2001   1.2    Added acExtAssiciation, acShortcut and acDateTimeCalc components.

Updated the acFormHelp component. The text of the context-sensitive help now can be adjusted within a popup window. Fixed problem with triggering of the OnHide event by OnShow.

Improved the acAppBar component. Fixed small bug with auto-hiding the AppBar on program startup and added two new events OnHiding/OnUnhiding. Fixed minor problem with "unhiding" of the AppBar when it need to accept some data by drag'n'drop. Also updated component able to store its settings either to the system registry and INI files.

06.04.2001   1.1d    Improved the FormHelp-designer, to override ALL others installed property editors for Hint property, and to let you to edit the context-sensitive help in WYSIWYG mode.
Added several new useful routines to acUtils unit.

04.04.2001   1.1    Improved the acFormHelp component. New version of the FormHelp can apply the "What's This?" menu item to every control with context-sensitive help in the secondary part of hint, and invokes the context help either after pressing the "Help" button on the title bar or after selecting "What's This?" menu item.
Updated acAnimationEffect component. The smooth effect now based on system-wide events istead of using the OnShow and OnHide form events.
Improved the acAutoUpgrader component. Updated version can upgrade the applications even if it used by many users at the same time (i.e.: users starts the program from network drive) and the executable file is locked.

31.03.2001   1.0.4    Fixed some bugs in the CaptionButton class and all its successors (acCaptionButton, acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acFormHelp, acFormTopmost). New version more correctly displays the caption buttons if the form don't have a regular buttons (when Form.BorderStyle=bsNone). Fixed some problems with appearing of the tooltips (hints) when the form contains main menu. Custom cursors for the caption buttons is flickersfree now.
Updated acWavPlayer component (some minor optimizations).

28.03.2001   1.0.3    Added new component, acWin2kEffects, which enables to produce some special effects of the Windows 98 / 2000. You can show roll, slide and alpha-blending animation effects on showing and hiding windows, make your forms translucent, flash the caption bars and taskbar icons.
Improved the acTrayIcon component. Now it supports the cartoon-style balloon tooltips - a nonintrusive way to display an explanatory message for a status bar icon, implementation a balloon tooltip with its stem pointing to the icon. The ToolTip will disappear when clicked, but you can also specify a time-out value. The information balloon can appears after minimizing of the forms to the system tray or after calling the ShowInfoBalloon method. New feature will works on Windows 2000 and later only. You can call the information balloons in lower Windows versions, however nothing will happends.
Cosmetic improvements and bugfixes in acOnlyOne and acAnimationEffect components. Added 7 useful GDI routines to acGraphics unit.

20.03.2001   1.0.2    Fixed the acFormMagnet component. Now forms with acFormMagnet can attract and attach other forms more correctly, independently of taskbar placement.
Added 5 new events to the acAppEvents component. New events lets you to hook ALL keypresses and ALL mouse clicks/movements within entire application.

16.03.2001   1.0.1    Improved the acFormRoller component - added smooth animation effect on rolling the form + added property wich let programers specify custom "Roll up / Roll down" tooltips.
Fixed small bug in the acAppAutoRun component which incorrectly works with long an EXE filenames in previous release.

18.02.2001   1.0    First official release. Distributed from ( as part of UtilMind Solutions® Network. A lot of bugfixes and improvements of the beta version. acSystemInfo component adapted for Win2000.

24.01.2001   1.0b    Initial Beta release. Currently for beta-testers only. Package contains set of 27 components:
  • acAppAutoRun (updated)
  • acAppStartCounter (new)
  • acAutoUpgrader (updated)
  • acAppEvents (new)
  • acOnlyOne (updated)
  • acTrayIcon (updated)
  • acAppBar (new)
  • acCaptionButton (updated)
  • acGradientForm (new)
  • acAnimationEffect (updated)
  • acFormCursors (new)
  • acFormHelp (updated)
  • acFormHints (new)
  • acFormMagnet (updated)
  • acFormTopmost (new)
  • acFormRoller (new)
  • acFormPlacementSaver (updated)
  • acFormSizeRestrictions (new)
  • acFileStorage (updated)
  • acWavPlayer (new)
  • acCursorLocker (new)
  • acFormHook (new)
  • acThread (new)
  • acSystemInfo (new)
  • acDesktopWallpaper (updated)
  • acControlKeyState (updated)
  • acQuickAboutBox (new)
All components, even that that was distributed by UtilMind before, has been completely redesigned, some properties, methods and event handlers has changed, so our old customers may found some incompatibility with previous versions of such components like AutoRunner, AutoUpgrader, Magnet and FormHelp.

Added a lot of new features, like additional colors, cursors and property editors which installs with the package to the Delphi/BCB IDE.

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