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The acLabeledComboBox is the ComboBox control with the label attached to control.  
tip The label always associated with the control. When user press the accelerator key (Alt + Character, specified after ampersand (&)), the input focus will be imediately switched to the labeled control. The input focus also will be moved to the control if user clicks the label with mouse.  

How to use?
Just drop acLabeledComboBox onto your form, and open AttachedLabel property in the Object Inspector to specify the appearance and behaviours of the label attached to control.  
To specify the text for attached label — use AttachedLabel.Caption property. To displace the label to another position (above, below or at the right side of control) — specify Position property.  

See also (other controls with attached label)
acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit;  
acMRUComboBox, acImagesComboBox, acTreeComboBox.