proportionalimage TacProportionalImage component
Hierarchy Properties
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The acProportionalImage used to show the images with correct aspect ratio. With acProportionalImage you can be sure that the image will be fully displayed in the image control without any distortions.  
Also this component allows to align the image within control (Alignment property), determinate the bounds of image wihin control (DrawRect property), can stretch image correctly (unlike standard TImage which contains a bug and break big images on stretching. See FixedStretching property), gives an access to properties of JPEG image at design-time (JPEGProperties structure).  

How to use?
The same way as standard TImage component. Use Picture property to specify the actual bitmap, icon, metafile or other graphical object displayed by TImage. Additionally, TacProportionalImage introduces several new properties to determinate how the image is displayed within the boundaries of the control.