bitbtn TacBitBtn component
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The acBitBtn component is descendant of TacButton (not standard TBitBtn), which can include a bitmap image, or picture from ImageLists on its button face, automatically create glyphs in disabled state and eat much less number of system resources. It also supports multiline captions (see WordWrap property), custom background colors (see Color) and can be aligned within its container (see Align). The caption of button can include rich-style tags (like in acRichLabel or acFormHelp's hints).  


Additional / Improved properties
Aligncontrols placement of button within its container or parent control;  
Captionspecifies the text of the button. To separate single line of text on several lines, even if single line fits the button width, use "|" characters;  
Colorspecifies the background color for button;  
WordWrapspecifies whether the button text wraps when it is too long for the width of the button. When WordWrap is True, caption can be multiline.  

New events
OnMouseEnteroccurs when mouse pointer hover button;  
OnMouseLeaveoccurs when mouse pointer leave button.  

See also
acButton and acButtonsPanel components.