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Startup Manager
Startup Manager is freeware utility which search your system for programs that run automatically on Windows startup, after every system reboot. Startup Manager will found the startup programs (even if they are hidden in the system registry) and shows them in three startup lists: Startup folder, registry entries for Current logged user and registry entries for every user of current PC.

You may add new or remove existing programs from the startup list, change their startup parameters or just enable / disable the entries to pervent a program from autorun using checkboxes at the left side of lists.

To get tips and short description of program features — use button on the title bar of Startup Manager.

System requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME
No runtime libraries or anything anymore!


Startup Manager - Snapshot

Downloads (last update: November 2, 2011)
StartupManSetup.exe (482 Kb) - for immediate installation (285 Kb) - for saving to disk.

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