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Resource Meter
Resource Meter is small utility for Windows 95/98 (unfortunately does not works on WinNT and Win2000), which determinees and monitors currently accessible SYSTEM, GDI and USER resources. This utility will help win32 programmers watch for memory leaks during the API calls in their programs.
This Resource Meter works and indicates same as standard Resource Meter in Windows supplyment, but refreshes data more often (once at 50 milliseconds).

System requirements:
Windows 95/98 (Note: does NOT work on WinNT and Win2000)
No run-time libraries or anything anymore.

Snapshot (window near the system tray):

Resource Meter - Snapshot

Downloads (last update: November 2, 2011)
ResMeterSetup.exe (364 Kb) - for immediate installation (168 Kb) - for saving to disk.

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