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User Forums
Our web-based discussion boards is the places where our users may ask and answer any questions (or just share their thoughts and ideas) regarding related forum. If you have any problems on using or installing our software - please post your questions there, or try to find interesting topic within stored messages.

  Discussion Boards
  • Advanced Application Controls
    The message board for discussions related to “Advanced Application Controls” pack. Questions-answers, bugs, installation problems, suggestions etc.

  • Delphi / C++ Builder
    Anything related to the software and component development in Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. Programming tips and tricks, VCLs, WinAPI, BDE, third party tools. “How-to?” and “does-anyone-know-how-to-do?” questions and answers…
  • Disk Controls
    Any related discussions about UtilMind's “DiskControls” VCL pack. How-to-use questions, problems / solutions, bugs, suggestions to further updates and so forth.

  • “End-user” Software
    Problems, suggestions and criticism to our “end-user” software written with AppControls and DiskControls. We usually don't supporting free software, so feel free to post messages there…
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Note: This is user forums. We do not offer support here. If you are our customer and need urgent, priority support — please contact us by E-mail.

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