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The dcFolderMonitor component watch specified folder for changes and fires special notification event if any changed occurs in any file or the directory structure.  

How to use?
Just specify the Folder which you wish to monitor, set up various Filters and write the OnChange event handler to perform some special operation when any changes occurs in specified Folder. To start monitoring - set Active property to True (or False to stop monitoring).  
tip Also you can use the dcFolderMonitor together with dcFolderListView, to refresh content of the list view when any external changes occurs in the directory structure. To tie the dcFolderMonitor with the dcFolderListView just point the FolderMonitor property of the list view to any existing dcFolderMonitor component.  

key properties
ActiveActivity flag. When True, the FolderMonitor constantly checks specified directory for changes;  
FilterThe set of filters which specifies the notification level;  
FolderSpecifies the directory which you would like to monitor;  
ThreadPriorityThe priority of the FolderMonitor thread relatively to the main application thread.  

OnChangenotifies you about changes in the files or directory structure.  

See also
dcFolderListView component.  
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