fileinfo TdcFileInfo component
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The dcFileInfo component provides detailed information about any file - size, type, shell name, creation and last modification dates, small and large shell icons. You can get the information even from opened file and specify/change the date/time when file was created. last modified or last accessed.  

How to use ?
Just specify the file name in the FileName property (you can do it even at design-time), and dcFileInfo component will read the file information to fill other properties with according values.  

What information it provides ?
DisplayNameis the file name displayed by shell;  
FileSizesize of file specified in FileName property;  
FileTypetype of file;  
FileAttributesdetermines/changes file attributes (Archive, System, Hidden etc);  
TimeCreateddetermines/changes file creation time;  
TimeLastAccesseddetermines/changes time when it was last accessed (used);  
TimeLastModifieddetermines/changes time when it was last modified;  
SmallIconlarge and small icons (32x32 and 16x16), associated with type of specified file and identifies the file withing the Windows shell;  
SysImageIndeximage index in the system image list for the icon, which represents the file withing the Windows shell.  

See also
dcShellIcon and dcDiskInfo components.