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The dcDiskScanner component is the extremely easy to use and powerful threaded search engine that scans the drives and folders for files (specified by wildcarded mask) and / or directories that matches to specified searching criteria. DiskScanner gives you full power of standard "Find Files or Folders" utility.  

How to use ?
To search files — just point the starting folder + wildcarded searching mask, and DiskScanner will return the matches by specified criteria with lightning-fast speed. You may also specify desired file attributes, size and time range, search or not the files in subfolders and hidden subfolders.  
To start searching — call Execute method, and Stop to terminate the scanning. Return values can be handled at OnFileFound event. Besides file names it can return the file type, date and time of last modification, file icons (32x32 and 16x16).  
new! dcMultiDiskScanner now supports UNC names and can search files in local network. To search network files you should specify '\\?\' prefix in the search path. For example, or example, "\\?\C:\myworld\private" is seen as "C:\myworld\private" (will search files in local machine), and "\\?\UNC\bill_g_1\hotstuff\coolapps" is seen as "\\bill_g_1\hotstuff\coolapps" (search files in bill_g_1 machine, at "hotsfull\coolaps" folder, if it is shared).  

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