diskinfo TdcDiskInfo component
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The dcDiskInfo component provides detailed information about system disks (Hard, Floppy, CD, RAM or Network drives). Returns the letters of available disks (ie: ACD), disk capacity and free space, file system information, serial number and shell icons (large and small), associated with specified disk.  

How to use ?
Just specify the disk letter at the Disk property and read neccessary disk information from other properties:  
AvailableDrivesshows the letters of available drives (ie. if you have floppy disk, one hard disk C: and one CD-ROM, the return value will "acd");  
DiskSize, DiskFreedetermines the amount of total and free disk space;  
DriveTypedetermines the type of specified drive;  
FileSystemdetermines the type of file system of specified drive;  
VolumeLabeldetermines the disk volume label;  
SerialNumberStrdetermines the serial number of specified disk;  
BytesPerSectordetermines the low-level disk information;     
LargeIcon, SmallIconreturns the icon associated with specified disk.  

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