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The acWin2kEffects component allows to produce some special effects of the Windows 98 / 2000. You can show roll, slide and alpha-blending animation effects on showing and hiding windows, make your forms translucent, flash the caption bars and taskbar icons.  
Rolling / sliding animation and flashing effect works on Windows 98 and later. Blending animation and translucent forms supported in Windows 2000 and later. You can specify any of these effects on Windows 95 / Windows NT4 systems, but no effects will be shown.  

Animation effects ?
You can produce special effects when showing (AnimateOnShow structure) or hiding windows (AnimateOnHide structure). There is three types of animation: roll, slide and alpha-blending. See possible animation Flags for more details.  

Translucent forms ?
The partially translucent, alpha-blended forms supported in Windows 2000. If you would like to make the form translucent — set Translucent property to True and specify the rate of alpha-blending in the TranslucentRate property.  

Flashing windows ?
The acWin2kEffects component can flash the window caption and the application icon on task bar. Typically, you flash a window to inform the user that the window requires attention but does not currently have the keyboard focus. When a window flashes, it appears to change from inactive to active status. An inactive caption bar changes to an active caption bar; an active caption bar changes to an inactive caption bar. To flash the form — use Flash method. Number of times to flash the window specified in the FlashCount property.  

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