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The acWavPlayer component can be used for playing default system sounds, associated with some certain events, or custom Wave-Audio (*.wav) files.  
The type of sound controlled by SoundType property. It could be a custom (stCustom) or standard, system sound.  

Custom sounds can be stored (uploaded) onto your form in WaveSound property editor at design-time and does not requires additional file in the supply package of your software. acWavPlayer component hold the files within a forms same way as it does the acFileStorage component.

Standard sounds is the sounds which associated with some system events (such as Windows Start or Program Minimize) and playing when any standard system event occurs.

How to use ?
To start playing the sound - call Play method. To terminate playing - call Stop method.  
tip To upload a custom wave-audio file onto form - click on WaveSound property or click right mouse button on the component image and select "Upload WAV sound..." menu item.  
tip To test the sound - double click on the component image.  

See also
Other components which stores (uploads) files onto Delphi/BCB form at design-time:  
acFileStorage, acWavPlayer.