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The acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo is the "plug-in" for acIESniffer component which allows to automatically fill the Web forms with specified information, when it connected to the FormAutoFill property of acIESniffer.  

How does it works?
When the this component is connected to acIESniffer, it hooks the DownloadComplete event of each browser (listed in the internal list of acIESniffer). When it detects the DownloadComplete event (it occurs when the Web page is completely downloaded), the acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo are looking in the Web forms for the input fields which can be automatically filled with information provided in Fields structure.  
To find the input boxes which could be filled, the component uses so-called FillTokens. When the component find on the Web page some input box, it checks whether its name attribute (in the HTML tag) and the text prior to that input box. If the text nearby contains one of the words described in "Possible" property AND do NOT have the words described in "Wrong" property, OR contains one of the word specified in "Super" property, OR the field name is the one of the word specified in "ExactNameField", then the input field can be automatically marked, or filled with the proper text, taken from Fields structure.  
new! To specify custom fields/tokens for filling of the web forms — specify them to the CustomFields property (collection of the custom fields/tokens).  

How to use?
If you want to automatically fill that fields with provided information — set AutoFill property to True. In case if you just want to "highlight" that fields which possibly could be filled — set AutoHighlight property to True, and specify the background color for the marked input boxes to HighlightColor property.  
To fill the form fields programmatically (for example, when user clicks some button, not on each DownloadComplete event) — call the Fill method.  

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