formsystemmenu TacFormSystemMenu component
Hierarchy Properties
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The acFormSystemMenu component encapsulates the properties and methods of the window menu (also known as System menu or Control menu) and allows to work with system menu of your form as with usual TPopupMenu component. You can disable and delete regular menu items, or insert custom menu items to the existing system menu.  
Disabling of regular system menu items will change appearance of standard caption buttons on the title bar. You can disable X close button, maximize / minimize and menu items  

key properties
Activeactivity flag. Controls whether system menu should contain custom menu items (if True) or only default items (if False);  
InsertPositionspecifies the position where to insert custom menu items, specified by Items property;  
Itemscontains custom menu items which will be inserted to the system menu in position specified by InsertPosition property. In design-time you can edit custom items like standard PopupMenu;  
SysItemscontains list of default (system) items of the system menu. You can enable, disable or hide them from the menu;  
SystemMenuHandlereturns handle of the system menu.