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The acFormHook component hooks all windows messages (WM_xxx) that passes to the Delphi/BCB form and allow their processing and handling in OnMessageBefore and OnMessageAfter events.  
The acFormHook can also allow your form to accept files and folders by drag'n'drop technology (AcceptFiles property and OnDropFiles event) and notify you on recreation of the window handle (OnFormRecreate event).  
Besides message handling, the acFormHook component have a number of useful features such like CloseButton that disables the close button on form's title bar, Topmost that places form on top over other windows, Bottommost which keeps the form under all other windows, NoCaption — removes the title bar from the form, DragByClient — allow users to move your form by client area, and so forth…  
new! If you wish to make some specific actions when form just appears on the screen and all form's contents already shown — use OnFormShown event.  
new! To be notified when user clicks close [X] button on form's title bar — use OnFormCloseButtonClick event.