formhints TacFormHints component
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The acFormHints component applies the balloon hints for your controls instead of regular, rectangular hints. Balloon hints are displayed in a cartoon-style "balloon" with rounded corners and a stem pointing to the tool. They can be either single- or multi-line. You can specify the default balloon direction, text alignment and degree of transparency and other features that affect on hint appearance. One component changes appearance for all hints in entire application.  
new! You can select the style of hint dynamically at run-time using OnShowHint event. For example you can select the cartoon-style hints for some certain controls but standard "boxy" style for all other controls.  
new! Now you can use MaxWidth property to control the maximum width of balloon and wrap the long strings to next line.  

Basic properties
Activewhether the FormHints is currently being in active state and can display balloon-like hints.  
BiDiModelayout in right to left reading order for bi-directional text when the font selected is a Hebrew or Arabic font (bdRightToLeft).  
ColorShadowspecifies colors for various parts of balloon hint.  
Directionspecifies default direction for balloon.  
MaxWidthspecifies the maximum width of balloon. Allows to wrap the long strings to next line.  
Roundedappearance of baloon corners. Can be rectangular or rounded.  
ShowShadowwhether the component should display arrow or shadow.  
TextAlignmentcontrols the text alignment within a balloon window  
Transparentmakes background of balloon transparent  
TransparencyRatecontrols the degree of transparency for hint's background.