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The acAppEvents component is intended for modifications of some hidden properties the TApplication class (such like appearance of hints) and hooking application events (such like idle, activate / deactivate, minimize / restore application messages). Besides usual features it's able to animate the application icon, hide / show the taskbar icon and fix the smooth animated minimize/restore effect for Delphi 2/3/4 (see FixedMinimizeRestoreAnimation property).  
The acAppEvents hooks everything application-related. It can even hook ALL keypresses and ALL mouse movements within entire application.  

How to use
To change the appearance of Hints — edit HintColor, HintFont, HintHidePause, HintPause and HintShortPause properties.  
To animate the application icon - make AnimateIcon property True, specify the AnimateInterval and point the ImageList property to TImageList collection which contains parts of animated icon.  
To hook some "hidden" application events — handle the OnActivate, OnDeactivate, OnMinimize, OnRestore, OnIdle, OnHint events. See full list of supported events.  
new! To hook all keypresses and mouse movements/clicks withing the ENTIRE application — use OnAppKeyDown, OnAppKeyUp, OnAppMouseMove, OnAppMouseDown and OnAppMouseUp events.  

See also
acFormHook component.