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The acAppCursors component allows to specify the cursor images for non-client parts of your application. You can specify your own default cursor for all controls, custom cursors for form captions, regluar caption buttons, scroll bars, borders, menus and menu items and so forth... One component can change appearance of cursors for entire application, even in standard Windows dialogs (such as OpenDialog / SaveDialog), that you are using in your program.  


You can specify a custom cursors for following objects:
Client area and Inactive form
Clientused for client area of controls, if the control haven't custom cursor image (only when Cursor property of this control is crDefault/crArrow);  
ClientNonVCLused for client area of non-VCL controls and dialog boxes. In example, in client areas of the standard OpenDialog / SaveDialog windows.  
Transparentused when the form is covered by another window.  

Form borders:
Left, Top, Right, Bottom sides, Upper-left, Upper-right, Bottom-left, Bottom-right corners and non-resizeable border.  

Regular buttons on title bar:
Close, Maximize, Minimize, Help.  

Scroll bars:
Horizontal scrollbar, Vertical scrollbar.  

Another objects:
Caption, Main menu, System menu, Menu item  

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